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The Illinois Optometric Association (IOA) is fortunate to have a year dedicated to the profession of our members. The year 2020, as in 20/20 vision, is the focus of our campaign. The IOA and the American Optometric Assocation (AOA) are working together to encourage employers to take the #2020EyeExam pledge to make 2020 the year you schedule your eye exam.

Pledge to schedule an office visit for an eye exam in 2020!

In partnership with AOA's 2020, we remind our employees of the importance of an annual comprehensive eye exam by an IOA/AOA doctor of optometry. We encourage all employees to schedule a 2020 eye exam with an IOA/AOA family doctor of optometry to protect vision to support school and work success, to relieve digital eye stress arising from increasing device use and to ensure early diagnosis of and treatment for eye diseases like glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness. An office visit for an eye exam also helps safeguard overall health by allowing the doctor to diagnose serious health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and certain types of cancers. Remember to make 2020 the Year of Your Eye Exam.

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