Member Benefit: Third-Party Resources through OBC

The IOA announces a new Business Solutions Partner, OBC Insurance Billing Specialists


Through this partnership, IOA members have access to billing & coding experts and receive discounts on outsourced insurance billing, and discounts on credentialing services. 

Benefits for New Graduates:

  • New graduates will receive free credentialing for one (1) insurance panel through OBC, a $350 value

Benefits for established optometrists:

  • 10% discount on credentialing fees for all current members.
  • Waived startup fee and 25% off the first month for any member who signs up for a billing services agreement. 
  • Access to billing & coding experts. Have a billing and coding question? Fill out the form below to ask OBC's expert team!

Have a billing and coding question? The OBC team can help! Fill out the form below to submit your question to OBC. 

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OBC Insurance Billing & Credentialing Specialists was started in 2006 by IOA member, Dr. Eric Botts. Initially OBC started with educating doctors and staff on the correct and ethical way to submit medical claims. It then transformed into an all-inclusive billing service that includes the initial credentialing/application process for all insurance panels. OBC also follows with the complete process of submitting a medical/routine claim, researching denied claims, submitting secondary claims and billing patients for any balance due. Out-sourcing insurance billing is an excellent way to improve efficiency and increase productivity in a professional healthcare setting.

Learn more about OBC today.   

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