IOA members have credibility. Your association membership lets your patients and your associates know that you subscribe to the highest standards of professional ethics, conduct, and practices.


The only way to have any say in an association is to belong to it! Your membership in the IOA gives you a voice in the direction of the profession. This is especially important in these times of rapid change. As a member, you can create change. By standing alone, you do little more than watch the world change around you. Remember, the association exists to serve you. The leadership structure of the IOA is comprised of volunteers. Your membership offers the opportunity to serve on various committees and task forces within IOA.


It is essential for all optometrists to band together to plan the future of their profession. The changes taking place in health care today will undoubtedly affect optometry now and into the future. Yet, by working together, for the good of all, the goals of optometry can be achieved and the future of the profession assured.

The Illinois Optometric Association works because it represents you and all of the other optometrists who support the profession with service, commitment, and dedication. Because of that support, the IOA has played and will continue to play a major role in developing and guiding the strong growth of our profession in Illinois. IOA is a voice for optometry's concerns in all legislative, regulatory, and judicial decisions affecting your profession. The active role IOA plays to represent you helps protect your license to practice optometry. 

The association works to make certain that optometry is treated favorably in all legislation related to health care. The association speaks for optometry as an organized voice by continuously communicating its issues and concerns to lawmakers and representatives of other government entities.

The association is very active in monitoring health care trends in both the public and private sectors. The IOA works closely with all government-funded health care programs, particularly Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care. The IOA makes available to all members the opportunity to discuss billing and policy concerns with knowledgeable staff. A special benefit for IOA members is our close working relationship with the Department of Professional Regulations. Being "next door" allows the IOA staff to understand situations and solve problems for you when they occasionally occur within the bureaucracy. 

The IOA is concerned with legislation and regulation that might affect the general public's right to select the health care professional of their choice to provide vision care. Your membership helps support the IOA's efforts to make certain that all individuals have access to your services.   


As a member of the IOA, you can help keep your association strong, which, in turn, benefits you. A strong association with thousands of members is heard and heeded much more often than a single individual. Whether it's dealing with a government agency, the ophthalmic industry, insurance, or the press, the IOA can speak with one voice, knowing that the knowledge and strength of all Illinois optometrists stand behind it.   


The IOA Educational Division offers professional development programs each year to help members hone their professional skills, as well as satisfy the continuing education licensure requirement. These programs include in-depth workshops and seminars designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest in optometric technology, issues and education. As a member of the IOA, you may attend any or all of the following educational events at a substantially reduced cost - just one more benefit of membership in optometry's professional association! IOA Annual Convention: IOA's annual meeting attracts more than 500 optometrists and paras from across the state for three days of concentrated education and discussion about optometric issues. Offering 15+ hours of continuing education, top optometric educators from across the nation share their expertise on a broad variety of topics ranging from Anterior Segments to Vascular Disease in Optometry. In addition to the education, there are opportunities to renew or develop social relationships with peers and talk with representatives from more than 60 industry exhibitors. Continuing Education: A number of CE opportunities, including Ski & CE and the IOA Educational Cruise, are held in the north, the central and the southern parts of the state and in the Caribbean! For the professional optometrist who wishes to compete in today's demanding health care environment, continuing education of this quality is a must. Participation in these CE courses enhances your professional education and professional optometry with educational sessions on a variety of topics. Each year the very best optometric speakers are available to educate you on the latest developments in ocular disease and treatment.


The IOA is a strong organization and is made even stronger with you on our team.  Thank you for bolstering our ranks and for your support of our shared profession!   

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