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What is PAC?

The PAC (Political Action Committee) is a group organized to promote its members' views on selected issues, usually through raising money that is contributed to the campaign funds of candidates who support the group's position to keep our friends in office.

Contributions to the IOA PAC can be made as a One-Time Donation or as Recurring Monthly Donation and deducted automatically from donor's bank account or charged to their credit card. Selecting to contribute a set amount on a monthly basis is a painless and effortless way to contribute to and support the IOA PAC. Contributions to the IOA PAC fund are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

IOA PAC Donor Levels:

Platinum Level $2,000+
Gold Level $1,000-$1,999
Silver Level $500-$999
Bronze Level $50-499


Donate now or contact the IOA for more information! 217-525-8012

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Diamond Partners

Platinum Partners

Gold Partners

Silver Partners

Bronze Partners