IOA Committees

IOA Mission
Protecting and advancing optometry for the benefit of public health.

Committee Structure
Committees are comprised of current IOA members. Priority for the Committee Chairs may be given to current Executive Council members, or past IOA Presidents, however, a Committee Chair can be any IOA member in good standing.  Co-chairs, as needed, may also be non- Executive Council members.  Each Committee Chair reports directly to a current President's Council member on a regular basis, and they will also have an IOA staff liaison assigned to work with them.  Each committee will be comprised of 5-10 IOA members.  Committees are encouraged to have bimonthly conference calls, and will conduct business in between calls via email, additional conference calls, or during individual committee meetings. Each committee will also be encouraged to meet in person at the annual IOA Convention.  Sub-Committees and Task Forces will fall under the structure of full committees, and may be chaired by any IOA member in good standing.  The Committee Chairs will be assigned renewable 5 year terms, while committee members will be assigned to 2 year renewable terms.

Trustee Positions and Committees:

Membership Trustee

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee studies, develops, and implements membership development projects.  The Committee recruits and maintains members who practice in Illinois, or are Associate Members of the Association.  The Membership Committee assists in developing non-legislative member development opportunities, promoting membership benefits, and engaging local societies of the Association.  The Committee reports to the Membership Trustee.
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Optometry Schools Sub-Committee

This Sub-committee works to recruit students currently attending the Illinois College of Optometry, the Chicago College of Optometry,  or students from any school or college of optometry that plan to practice in Illinois.  This Sub-Committee works with the IOA student clubs formed at the schools to assist in promoting an active IOA student group.  The Chair of this Sub-Committee reports to the Chair of the Membership Committee.
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Young Professionals Sub-Committee

Young Professionals Sub-CommitteeThis sub-committee will work with IOA members to help recruit young ODs as IOA members, and to assist with the AOA targeted marketing program.  This sub-committee will report to the Membership Trustee.
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Legislative Trustee

Legislative Committee 

The Legislative Committee is responsible for identifying, reviewing, and defining the Association's position on all state legislation that may impact optometry inclusive of the rules and regulatory processes.  The Committee is responsible for recommending and/or writing legislation that protects or advances the profession.  In addition, the Legislation Committee interacts with the AOA for the purpose of understanding national activities that may affect the Illinois State Optometric Practice Act directly or indirectly.   The Legislative Committee is responsible for identifying qualified candidates for the Legislator of the Year award.  The Committee Chair reports to the Legislative Trustee. The Executive Director and Lobbyist serve as ex officio members of the Committee.
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Legislative Advocacy Committee

The Legislative Advocacy Committee serves to maintain a strong and engaged keyperson network for all legislative contacts at the state and federal level.  This includes promoting and documenting keyperson activities and leading legislative member development opportunities.  The Legislative Advocacy Committee also serves as the primary solicitor for Illinois PAC, the IOA Legislative Equity Fund, and AOA PAC contributions.  The work emphasis of the Committee is mainly on State legislative advocacy and State PAC recruitment; however, the group should also ensure that Illinois remains an active player in federal advocacy and PAC involvement.  The Committee, in conjunction with PAC, also identifies qualified candidates for the Keyperson of the Year Award.  The Committee Chair reports to the Legislative Trustee.   The Legislative Advocacy Committee Chair works closely with the Legislation Committee Chair.
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PAC Sub-Committee

The Political Action Sub-Committee is responsible for all PAC funds and the distribution of such funds as defined in the PAC bylaws.  The Committee also works with the Legislative Advocacy Committee to determine qualified candidates for the Keyperson of the Year Award.  The Chair of this sub-committee reports directly to the Chair of the Legislative Advocacy Committee.
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Third Party Trustee

Third Party Committee

The Third Party Committee serves to promote optometry's role in all third party relations including but not limited to the Department of Health and Family Services, Medicare, and private insurance entities.  The Committee seeks to keep Association members informed about third party issues including national and state healthcare reform.  The Third Party Committee also acts to educate third party payers about optometry and help mediate members struggling with access to provider panels and reimbursement parity.  The Third Party Committee Chair reports to the Third Party Trustee.
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Public Health Trustee

Public Health Committee

The Public Health Committee assists in any worthwhile effort to improve the visual welfare for Illinois citizens.  This includes educating the public about the role of optometry and the scope of optometric practice; this involves not only the lay public but also other professionals.  The Public Health Committee serves to connect the Association to established optometric public health initiatives including but not limited to InfantSEE and Special Olympics International Opening Eyes Program. The Public Health Committee Chair reports to the Public Health Trustee.
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llinois Foundation for Eyecare

The Illinois Foundation for Eyecare serves to 1) advance community awareness and develop creative solutions to address the eye care problems of the community; 2) develop programs to promote and improve the quality, availability and accessibility of eye and vision care for all the people of Illinois; 3) advance, encourage and foster optometric education; 4) increase awareness of the services provided in the community; 5) aid research and development of knowledge in the eye care field; and 6) assist optometrists in the conduct of their profession.  Because of the philanthropic and community outreach nature of the Foundation, the Public Health Trustee serves as a member of IFE.  The Foundation is its own entity with a separate set of bylaws and determines its own chair which is often the Public Health Trustee.
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Education Trustee

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides guidance and direction for the arrangement of high-quality continuing education programs for the annual convention and other events.  The Committee assists with determining the most successful topics, speakers, dates, locations, costs, and other aspects of CE programs.  The Committee also assists with the planning of workshops and specialty tracks throughout the year.  The Education Committee will also assist at the Convention with taking tickets/scanning optometrists for the education, and may also assist in introducing the speakers.  The Education Committee reports to the Education Trustee. 
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 Editorial Review Board 

This Committee will work as Peer Reviewers for the IOA Journal articles in order to perform peer reviews of articles submitted for publication.  Each scientific or case-report written will be reviewed by a minimum of two review board members, along with the Journal editor, prior to acceptance in the Journal.  This Committee will also serve as Poster Session abstract reviewers for the Poster sessions which will be held at the IOA Annual Conventions.  This Board reports directly to the Education Trustee.
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