Criteria for Amendment or Resolution

The Illinois Optometric Association mission is the protect and advance the profession of optometry for the benefit of public health. The IOA is the only association that actively engages policymakers on behalf of the 2400 licensed optometrists across the state of Illinois. Submit an amendment or resolution for consideration to make a positive change to your professional association. 


Criteria for an amendment or resolution adoption are as follows: 

  • An amendment is required when changes to existing provisions are made to the associations governing documents, the constitution, and by-laws.  
  • An amendment shall be written in policy format with the proper use of the Bylaws and Policy manual 
  • A resolution is philosophical and/or commemorative in nature and does not make changes to the governing documents.  
  • All resolutions shall be written in the following format: "Whereas . . . etc. . . . and whereas . . . etc. . . . Therefore, be it resolved that . . . etc."  


Required steps for submission of an amendment or resolution 

  1. The Board of Directors, Executive Council, a Chartered Society, or any Member in good standing may submit an amendment or resolution to modify the Bylaws for consideration by the Executive Council.  
  1. Once an amendment or resolution is submitted, it will be assigned to the Amendments and Resolutions Committee for review. The committee will consider all amendments or resolutions submitted to see if it meets the criteria for presentation to the Executive Council.  
  1. Any changes made to the proposed amendments and resolutions committee shall consult with the author prior to submitting it to the Executive Council for consideration. A 2/3 majority vote by the Executive Council is required for adoption. 


Important dates 

Amendments and resolutions are accepted throughout the year and will be acted on at a scheduled meeting of the Executive Council. 


2023 Meeting Dates 

Amendment and Resolution Submission Deadline  

May 2

Executive Council Meeting

 April 11

September 28

Executive Council Meeting  

 August 1 

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