April / May Dues Waiver

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Immediate Dues Relief - 2 Months

On Wednesday, March 25th the American Optometric Association, AOA, and Illinois Optometric Association, IOA, issued an immediate dues relief for all active members

The IOA Leadership have listend to our members about the impact that COVid-19 is having on your patients, practices and our profession. In an effort to provide immediate relief to our member doctors, the IOA Board voted to suspend and waive all active members of their April and May membership dues. This waiver will be implemented automatically so there is no action to be made by the member.  If you have any questions, feel free to email Travis Hamlin, IOA Business & Finance Manager at thamlin@ioaweb.org

What is taking effect?

All active IOA/AOA members will automatically receive a two-month dues waiver.

When is this taking effect?

The dues waiver will take effect IMMEDIATELY and will be for the months of April and May.

What do I need to do?

NOTHING. The IOA team is taking care of everything and the waiver will take effect automatically.

  • Members who have paid their 2020 dues in full will receive a 2-month credit on your 2021 membership invoice.
  • Members on a payment schedule for 2020 will not be charged for April and May.
  • If you have not paid your 2020 dues your invoiced amount for 2020 membership will be reduced by the 2-month waiver amount. 

More than ever before, we want to THANK YOU for your support and for your membership. As we face this crisis together, our thoughts remain with you, your family, patients and communities.

Please continue to follow us on Facebook, twitter and at illinois.aoa.org for updates on COVid-19.